Thursday, 13 April 2017

Affordable Alternative Retirement Communities to Florida Manufactured Homes

During your retirement years, you need to manage your finances and spend your money more wisely than ever. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a shabby retirement home that doesn’t make you happy, though. Your retirement home is actually one of the most important purchase decisions you have to make if you want a stress-free retirement. The good news is that there are beautiful homes in affordable retirement communities in Florida—and you can afford them.

Florida is not just for millionaire retirees. It is actually home to affordable alternative retirement communities that will allow you to be fulfilled during retirement living. There are a many reasons why buying a house from these manufactured home communities can save you money.

One, you can acquire your house at a very affordable price. The best homes are priced reasonably, and the total cost already covers site preparation, home installation, electric supply connection, and county water and sewer connection. No hidden fees—no surprises. This means that you will still be left with money that you may use to buy new furniture, more investments, or you can just keep it for future use. Buying below your means can free up your funds for travel and enjoyment as well. You can also save money because there are no property taxes in these areas. What’s more, you don’t have to pay heating bills because in Florida, it’s summer all year round. The savings really add up.

Note that you still have to pay a monthly fee for professional community maintenance. However, it should only be a small amount—and you can certainly afford it. The fee goes to landscaping, watering the grass, cutting and maintaining the yards, and street sweeping, maintaining the swimming pools and clubhouse, etc.

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