Saturday, 16 July 2016


Having doubts about making a big change in your life by moving into a 55+ community? Modern 55+ communities aren’t what they used to be a few decades ago. So if you are harboring an image of nursing homes or assisted living facilities, then you are in for a surprise. Today, these communities support independent living and an active lifestyle with homes designed according to the comfort and luxury needs of active adults. To help you understand, here is a list of the many ways in which active 55+ communities can provide you with the well-being and happiness that you are looking for.

# You will find activities to keep yourself occupied

Modern 55+ communities place emphasize on activity and fitness; the amenities they offer go way beyond the regular clubhouse and gym you expect to find in a township. From cooking classes to writing and painting workshops, from recreation rooms to fitness centers, from services of personal trainers to community games and sports meets – you can find various options here to keep yourself engaged. The residents of the community itself live with a zeal to enjoy, and regularly organize picnics, barbeques, coffee meets, book clubs, movie nights and even charity and community service projects. 

# You get hassle free repair and upkeep

If you think the tagline ‘hassle free repair and upkeep’ will simply mean snow and leaf removal from your backyard, today’s 55+ communities will make you reconsider. Services usually offered by these community developers include all kinds of exterior building maintenance including sidewalks, roads, roofs, driveways and lawn care. They also provide indoor maintenance assistance on call. No more having to worry about changing that hard-to-reach light bulb. Your community handyman will take care of everything.

# You get support services

Independent living is the main goal for most people after retirement. However, there are times when a little assistance can make life easier. With an understanding of the needs a resident may have while living, modern 55+ communities also offer on-call support services including simple activities like running errands, housekeeping, cooking assistance, pet care as well as professional help that includes medical assistance, nursing, physical rehab and emergency call systems. As a resident of an active 55+ community, there is nothing you have to worry about.

Today’s active 55+ communities offer much more than simple retirement homes. They offer all the necessary amenities so you can enjoy the active, interesting and excitement-filled lifestyle you had planned for the later years of your life.