Friday, 5 May 2017

Affordable Alternative Retirement Communities to Florida Manufactured Homes

During your retirement years, you need to manage your finances and spend your money more wisely than ever. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a shabby retirement home that doesn’t make you happy, though. Your retirement home is actually one of the most important purchase decisions you have to make if you want a stress-free retirement. The good news is that there are beautiful homes in affordable retirement communities in Florida—and you can afford them.

Florida is not just for millionaire retirees. It is actually home to affordable alternative retirement communities that will allow you to be fulfilled during retirement living. There are a many reasons why buying a house from these manufactured home communities can save you money.

One, you can acquire your house at a very affordable price. The best homes are priced reasonably, and the total cost already covers site preparation, home installation, electric supply connection, and county water and sewer connection. No hidden fees—no surprises. This means that you will still be left with money that you may use to buy new furniture, more investments, or you can just keep it for future use. Buying below your means can free up your funds for travel and enjoyment as well. You can also save money because there are no property taxes in these areas. What’s more, you don’t have to pay heating bills because in Florida, it’s summer all year round. The savings really add up.

Note that you still have to pay a monthly fee for professional community maintenance. However, it should only be a small amount—and you can certainly afford it. The fee goes to landscaping, watering the grass, cutting and maintaining the yards, and street sweeping, maintaining the swimming pools and clubhouse, etc. 

55+ Manufactured Home Communities - An Affordable Alternative for Retirement Living

Now that you are finally retiring (congratulations to you!), you have to budget your hard-earned money more wisely than ever. That said, you don’t have to settle for a retirement home that does not meet your needs. The key is to choose a manufactured house that you can comfortably afford in a community that provides amenities and services that make your retirement life more relaxed and enjoyable.

You might be wondering—why are manufactured homes cheaper? That’s because the manner in which they are built is highly efficient. Florida 55+ manufactured home communities offer affordable retirement living. They offer custom designed homes that are made using pre-constructed modules, which are built in controlled manufacturing facilities where each process is highly monitored and done by trained professionals. The modules are then shipped to the site you have chosen, where licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, and plasterers complete final construction as well as finishing. This well-organized process makes the home much more affordable than homes built using traditional methods. Concerned about safety? Don’t be. These homes meet strict Federal construction codes in terms of materials, construction, and quality. You can choose to customize your own layout or purchase a model home.

The purchase price for your home should already include site preparation, home installation, pored cement driveway, masonry steps, professional landscaping, central air conditioning,  heating system, electric supply connection, as well as county water and sewer connection.

The best Florida 55+ manufactured home communities have professionally managed grounds and amenities, which means that there is no need for you to manage your lawn or cut your own grass. You will pay a small HOA fee, of course, but it should only be a small amount—just enough to cover everything relating to maintenance (including landscaping, watering the grass, cutting and maintaining the yards, and street sweeping). There are Florida 55+ manufactured home communities that have swimming pools and clubhouses that you can use whenever you want.

How is It Helpful for Your Retirement Life to Move to 55+ Communities in Florida?

Now that you are approaching your senior years, you might be starting to look at your current home—and neighborhood—differently. Perhaps your house is much too large and difficult to maintain. Maybe your neighbors are young people and families that you have nothing in common with. Are you thinking of moving? Consider buying a home in a 55+ community in Florida, where homes are right-sized for the retirement lifestyle and all your neighbors are in the same life stage as you.

The best 55+ communities in Florida are master planned for the needs and requirements of seniors who want to enjoy a fun, social, stress-free, and comfortable retirement. These active adult communities offer beautiful newly built homes that are well laid out to ensure accessibility. They also have all the features and amenities that make life easier for older adults.

Retiring in a 55+ community in Florida means enjoying great weather all year round. It also means never having to worry about doing lawn work or shoveling snow. These neighborhoods are maintenance free. The staff will take care of maintenance so you don’t have to. The cost of these services is typically already included in the low monthly HOA fees.

Well located 55+ communities in Florida are within minutes of beaches and golf courses, as well as practicalities like hospitals. They are also surrounded by restaurants and shopping malls and movie theaters. Major theme parks are a short drive away—which means that your grand kids will love visiting you.
Another great thing about moving to 55+ communities in Florida is that you get to meet new neighbors and friends—active seniors who also want to enjoy the best years of their lives, just like you do. You can take part in community activities and meet people in the clubhouse, which comes complete with a pool and other amenities.